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About the Association

Association European Studies for Innovative Development of Georgia (ESIDG) is a newly registered (January, 2009) association uniting currently more than 40 professors and researchers from a number of universities and research organizations who have recently taken part in public debates on the R&D&I system reform and come to the conclusion that there is a lack of knowledge on the R&D&I policy role in Georgian society. The ESIDG members have contributed significantly to explanation of the R&D system reform to the general public.

The Association’s objective is to further:

- the European integration process of Georgia;
- by innovative means and ways, the implementation of the Georgia-selected goal – the building of a European-type state, and the long-term, sustainable development of the country;
- the elaboration of an innovative policy and the introduction and development of the methods of state regulation and research in industry, education and other spheres;
- the increase of the role of the faculty and researchers in the innovation policy elaboration;
- the study of the state of affairs in the area of research and innovative activity in Georgia and the introduction of foreign experience;

To fulfill the set objectives, the Association, in accordance with the law-stipulated terms and conditions, will:

- monitor the ongoing processes in the sphere of research and innovative activities in Georgia by scientometric, sociological, comparative-analytical and other accessible methods;
- study the research and innovation policy directions/trends of the European Union and other individual countries and work out recommendations for their introduction in Georgia;
- elaborate and implement the forms of communication (lectures, seminars, conferences, scientific articles, electronic and printed media publications) with different groups of society (academic circles, students, general public, government, political parties).     

The contents of this site is the sole responsibility of Association "European Studies for innovative Development of Georgia" and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.