Nana Aslamazishvili

Nana Aslamazishvili - Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business at St. Andrew the First Called Georgian University and the Head of Monetary Statistics Division of the National Bank of Georgia; Doctor of Economics (specialization – Statistics); before joining the Georgian University, was teaching courses in statistics at Tbilisi State University; her main area of research is macroeconomic statistical systems, and foreign economic sustainability; participated in numerous international expert meetings on national accounts, balance of payments, monetary and financial statistics and statistical data dissemination issues in European countries, Japan, and US; member of the editorial board of Social Economics Journal of Humanitarian-Social Faculty of Technical University of Georgia and European University; author of 3 books and co-author of 7 ones; has written about 60 papers on a broad range of topics, including international capital flows and “Dutch Disease”, dollarization, foreign economic sustainability of the country, foreign trade issues.

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