Givi Kochoradze

Givi Kochoradze - after graduation from Tbilisi Javakhishvili State University and its postgraduate courses received a PhD degree in physics and mathematics; passed probation in Leningrad Physics and Technology Institute and Moscow Institute of Rare Metals and in Budapest Etvech Lorand University; for years headed a scientific laboratory of optoelectronics in TSU;. delivered lectures in general physics at Technical University, TSU and Chavchavadze State University; for the last 15 years has been engaged in entrepreneur activity as a manager of MSE of MESI companies; since 1998 has been an EC National Contact Point in Georgia in ICT; since 2007 has served as the Director of International Center for Advancement of Research Technology & Innovation; the author of 54 published scientific articles and two inventions; member of IEEE; has been awarded 16 international grants; used to be an expert of TACIS projects; is the CTCO of Ukrainian STCU Center in Georgia, where several information days, conferences and presentations of Motorola, Alcatel, Oracle, Intel companies and INTAS foundation were arranged and held under his leadership.


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