David Gabunia

David Gabunia – PhD degree in bio-cybernetics defended in Moscow Neuroscience Institute; was engaged in different research institutes as a researcher; in 1991-1993 held the  position of a Deputy Minister of Science and Technology; under his direct leadership, the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia - “Sakpatenti” has been established, which he headed in 1992-2009; he personally directed the development of the institutional and legislative system of intellectual property in Georgia and the process of Georgia’s accession to international agreements; he took an active part in the activities of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); was elected Vice-President of the Berne and Lisbon Unions; he is the author of 3 monographs and over 40 works; founded was an editor-in-chief of a scientific and practical journal “Intellectual Property”; he is a full member of the Engineering Academy of Georgia; has been awarded with the WIPO Gold Medal and the Order of Honor.            

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