News of 2009

January, 2009. The founders meeting took place and ESIDG had been registered.

February, 2009. ESIDG started regular seminars on innovation policy issues. Up to now ESIDG has organized about 20 seminars and conferences with more than 1000 participants in total. In addition, ESIDG members (researchers first of all) made a large number of presentations at seminars and conferences organized by other NGOs, governmental agencies and research institutions, as well as took part in public debates on radios and TVs.

March, 2009. ESIDG had won competition of EU Lifelong Learning Programme - Jean Monnet Programme with the project “Improvement of the European Innovation Policy Study in Georgia”. This gave start to EU innovation policy studies at ESIDG (and in Georgia).

March, 2009. Participation in the First Global Conference on Agriculture Research for Development, 28 - 31 March 2010, Montpellier, France.

April, 2009 – March, 2010. In the framework of the Jean Monnet project the European innovation policy was studied by the group of 7 ESIDG researchers. The results were discussed on the number of seminars organized by ESIDG at several universities and business associations. The research covered issues as follows: EU innovation policy, member-state innovation policies, sub-states (regional) innovation policies: their correlation, goals and role in the European integration; Intellectual property rights (IPR) regimes and their effects on innovation in industry; IPR obtained using public funds; Technology transfer; Technology import and export policy; Approaches to embodied and disembodied technologies; Financial instruments to promote innovation; Education policies for innovation; R&D as innovation resource and European integration; Support to innovation in SME; Innovation systems in agriculture; R&D&I performance evaluation methods and monitoring; Conventional and non- conventional indicators of R&D&I performance.

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